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Christmas 2022

Looking for natural products to give as gifts to friends and colleagues? But also to the girlfriend, mom or sister who is passionate about beauty... On our site you will find many gift ideas for those who love green and sustainable beauty. Face and body creams, multi-purpose oils, hair products and even a complete line for children's delicate skin. All products formulated with natural raw materials certified by AIAB and Vegan Quality. Prompt shipping and h24, seven-day-a-week customer service make it easy to "mission" beauty but natural Christmas gifts. Here are 7 reasons to choose Fruttonero e-commerce.


  1. Humanitarian commitment to the needy

Fruttonero, with the online sale of all products, concretely supports the Maria Grazia Balducci Rossi Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides care and education to the neediest populations. Recent projects include the construction of a multi-purpose reception and health center in the Ivory Coast, the Maternity Project to enable women to face pregnancy and childbirth in total safety, and job training that facilitates people's autonomy and emancipation. Not surprisingly, the pure oils and some of the other ingredients in Fruttonero products are produced in Africa, thanks to the labor of local people.


  1. Environmental Sustainability

For us, the environment is a resource to be respected in every sense. That is why we choose raw materials that are sustainably grown and guaranteed to have a low environmental impact. And if one of the goals of COP26 (the 26th United Nations conference on climate change held in Glasgow) is to protect and restore ecosystems, Fruttonero hits the mark. Formula processing involves no chemical extraction methods that can leave toxic and harmful residues in the final product and the environment, while packaging is totally recyclable.


  1. Use of only natural ingredients

Fruttonero products are made only from 97 percent natural raw materials, many of which come from organic farming. But there's more: the entire production chain from the countries of origin of cultivation is AIAB certified. This means that all products are truly natural and safe for skin and hair, including children's hair. The Bimbo Bio line has everything needed to care for little ones without fear of irritation and allergies thanks to ingredients certified according to Regulation 1223/09 to guarantee consumers.


  1. The ideal e-commerce for natural oils

With Fruttonero you are sure to make happy the friend who is fond of natural oils. There are several on our site: argan, coconut, camellia, andiroba... also in scented versions and declined for face and body. Surely you have often heard the praises of oils extolled. And with good reason! Oil is a great natural cosmetic for delaying the appearance of signs of aging from facial skin. And, with body oil you speed up the moisturizing step after a shower, because it can be applied to the skin while still damp, not to mention that it intensely nourishes the hair as well.


  1. Disposable masks: a smart gift idea

Do you need to make a thought that won't burden your wallet or do you want to buy lots of mini products to give to your friends? Opt for a face or hair mask, both in disposable packaging. For the face, Fruttonero offers a moisturizing mask made of biodegradable fabric with hyaluronic acid and a mix of elasticizing oils. For hair, on the other hand, there is the anti-frizz mask, whose action is enhanced by a "bonnet," again biodegradable. What this means. That once used, you throw it in the wet!


  1. Multi-function cosmetics for the minimal friend

In a beauty routine full of complicated steps and products to be layered on the skin, the desire for essentiality is increasingly manifest today, and this is also reflected in cosmetics. It is what leads one to exclaim, "I would like a cream that does everything." Well, if a friend of yours or yourself cultivates this desire, know that Fruttonero offers multi-function products, such as day and night face cream, universal shampoo for all hair types...


  1. A young Italian company

Another reason to give Fruttonero as a gift is that a group of young people from Senigallia, a city in the province of Ancona, Italy, is behind the natural products e-commerce. The idea of founding a green cosmetics company was born while they were on African soil, where they learned about some natural extracts used as cosmetic or medicinal remedies by the local population.

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