Virgin oil of andiroba

100 ml

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Virgin Andiroba Ba oil is a natural oil, produced from the seeds of Carapa Guaianensis, a tree belonging to the Meliaceae family. The extraction of the oil is done by cold pressing, without the use of additives, solvents and refining processes. Depending on the outside temperature, partial occur in the product partial or total state changes (concretions more solid visible inside the bottle). It will be sufficient to shake or heat the product before use, making it homogeneous again.


  • LEVIGATING: promotes microcirculation of the tissues subcutaneous tissues.

  • DRAINING: promotes the removal of stagnant fluids.

  • FOR CELLULITE: massaged constantly, it prevents the blemishes caused by cellulite.

CELLULITE INESTETISMS: apply small amounts of oil daily to promote microcirculation and removal of stagnant fluids. Massage the affected parts from the bottom up until completely absorbed.
FOR SOFT SKIN: To achieve soft, velvety skin, distribute the oil on the body after bathing/showering, on damp skin, massaging until absorbed.
MUSCULAR PAIN: To relieve muscle and joint pain, am- soften the palms of the hands with the product, preparing them for mas- sage. Massage, distributing the oil evenly over the affected area, warming it, until completely absorbed.
PURE OR MIXED: Andiroba virgin oil can be used as a pure product or mixed with other oils, butters or creams. For example, it can be mixed with Shea butter to obtain a 'dermoprotective action.
NOTE: Should the oil appear solid or uneven with partially solidified parts heat or shake the oil, making it homogeneous and apply it evenly.

Andiroba Ba Pure virgin oil is suitable for those who want to fight cellulite blemishes, those who do sports to speed up warming up and facilitate recovery by improving the elimination of toxins from muscles.

CARAPA GUAIANENSIS SEED OIL*. * from natural production. Natural and vegan product.

Looking for something more fragrant? Try Andiroba Ba oil in its Exence version, infused with an enveloping fragrance