Virgin coconut oil is extracted from the pulp of coconuts, by cold pressing, without the use of additives, solvents and refining processes, to obtain a high quality product while safeguarding its active ingredients. Virgin coconut oil has a fluid consistency and a transparent color in the liquid state, which tends to solidify and turn white, at a temperature between 18 and 20 ° C.

Its composition is characterized by the high presence of vitamins, such as vitamin A and vitamin C which give hydration and elasticity to the epidermis, reducing its dryness, and antioxidant substances.

Source of vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, coconut oil limits the negative consequences deriving from oxidative stress.

The presence of lauric acid also gives the oil important properties for hair care and well-being.

Called the tree of life, coconut is one of the most popular products rich in nature, usable from roots to leaves e obviously to the fruit.

Typical of warm countries, the coconut palm belongs to the Arecaceae or Palmaceae family, generally distributed along the coasts, enjoying the positive influence of the sea, of sandy soil, light and rains regularly distributed throughout the year.


Andiroba virgin oil is a natural oil produced from the seeds of the Carapa Guaianensis, a tree belonging to the Meliaceae family. The molecules characterizing the oil are: alpha-hydroxy acids or fruit acids, which act at the level of the epidermis, carrying out a smoothing activity, stimulating cell turnover, carrying out an exfoliating activity with the consequent aesthetic improvement.

This oil is a product of the rainforest, which has a long history of use. With a viscous consistency, one color transparent yellow-brown and a characteristic odor, depending on the external temperature the product can undergo partial or total changes in state.

Made up of fatty acids such as palmitic, oleic and linoleic, Andiroba oil has moisturizing, nourishing and soothing properties.

Typical of the rainforest, it grows in the Amazon, generally on rich soils, in marshes, floodplains, swamps, and plateaus.

It can grow wild or cultivated, in Brazil, on islands such as Tocantins and Rio Solimoes, and near the coast.


Pure Camellia oil consists of about 90% poly and mono unsaturated fatty acids, characterized by a high presence of polyphenols and natural antioxidants, counteracts common skin imperfections such as spots.

Rich in vitamin A (retinol), it stimulates the production of collagen which gives tone and elasticity to the skin, it is also distinguished by the high content of vitamin E (tocopherol), essential to neutralize the reactivity of free radicals responsible for damage to epidermal cells.

Also interesting for hair care: it strengthens them, makes them shiny, enhances their brilliance and contains frizz, enhancing its softness.

Camelia is a genus belonging to the Theaceae family. Camellia Sinensis is widely known for its use in production of tea, while the camellia oleifera, which has always been used for its properties both in the cosmetic and food fields, is the plant from whose seeds the oil is extracted.


Pure Hemp oil, Cannabis Sativa seed oil, is a natural oil produced from the seeds of Cannabis Sativa. The oil is extracted by cold pressing of the hemp seeds, without the use of additives, solvents and refining processes, in order to obtain a high quality product and preserve its active ingredients.

Fruttonero pure hemp oil is free of psychoactive substances. Characterized by a dark green color and a typical grass smell, hemp oil is rich in antioxidants, vitamins A that stimulate

the production of collagen, group B such as B1, B2 and B6 fundamental in the functioning processes of the skin, vitamin E (tocopherol) necessary to neutralize the reactivity of radicals free, vitamins F such as omega 3 and 6 necessary for the constitution and regeneration of the cell membrane, and again, proteins, carotene, mineral salts, important for the care of the epidermis.

Cannabis Sativa, species of the genus Cannabis, belongs to the Cannabaceae family, an annual cycle herbaceous plant, native to central-southern Asia. For centuries this plant has played an important economic and social role: the raw material obtained from it, hemp, has been used since ancient times to make fabrics.


Shea butter, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, contains extremely nourishing substances for the epidermis as natural antioxidants, which perform a fundamental function for skin hydration.

The composition of Shea butter is characterized by unsaturated fatty acids, saturated fatty acids and a very high content of unsaponifiable substances, responsible for providing nourishment and protection to the skin. Rich in fat-soluble vitamins, it performs a dermoprotective and soothing function, against irritative phenomena, attenuating inflammation and giving relief to sensitive skin, such as those of infants or the elderly.

Its processing takes place in the place of origin (South Africa-Saharan up to Central Africa), through an artisanal and strictly controlled process, which guarantees its excellent quality.

Pure Shea Butter has a solid consistency, a color that varies from white to ivory from yellow to greenish, and a characteristic smell.


Pure Argan oil is rich in tocopherols, flavonoids, xanthophylls, carotenoids, vitamins and natural antioxidants, necessary to counteract the factors that cause skin aging.Particularly suitable for mature skin, thanks to its constituents, it visibly improves and quickly the state of hydration and elasticity.

Vitamin A stimulates the production of collagen, makes the skin toned and radiant. Vitamin E helps neutralize the reactivity of free radicals.

It nourishes the epidermis, giving it brightness and compactness. It is also a precious ally for hair, especially when it is damaged, treated or dry, used alone or in synergy with common hair care products, it nourishes, moisturizes and makes it silky.

Argan oil is a natural oil, produced from the fruit of the Argan tree, a wild plant belonging to the Sapotaceae family, which grows exclusively in the Sous plain, the southwestern area of Morocco.