Ideal for the beauty and well-being of the face, body and hair, our oils of natural origin, green in the formula and in the pack, are all cold pressed without the use of additives, solvents, or refining processes that are processed in a sustainable way in the place of origin through an artisanal but rigorously monitored process, which guarantees its purity. Thus we can offer quality products that do not alter the properties of their active ingredients.

Neutral, authentic and virgin in the formula you can find them in the PURE LINE .

If, on the other hand, you want a delicious emotional and sensorial fragrance - made with organic and bio notes - discover them in the EXENCE LINE .


Extracted from the pulp of coconuts, our organic oil acts as a real balm: it deeply nourishes, prevents dehydration and soothes cracking and any inflammation and burns. It also has intensive anti-aging and repairing properties. On the hair it is an excellent ally against dandruff.


This oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties useful for relieving contractures and muscle pain (it is widely used for massages). In addition, it acts as an exfoliant by stimulating cell turnover and improves microcirculation helping to counteract, attenuate and prevent water retention and cellulite.


Made up of approximately 90% poly and mono unsaturated fatty acids, polyphenols and antioxidants, vitamin A (retinol) and vitamin E (tocopherol), it is a multitasking oil for face, body and hair that takes care of acne, rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis, while its regenerating action slows down the skin aging processes and skin spots. On the hair, it reduces frizz and has a disciplining action.


Originally from Morocco, it is extracted from a plant called Argania Spinosa. Massaged on damp skin after a shower, it is an experience with a prolonged hydration effect and, thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it is particularly suitable as a powerful remedy against acne.
Argan oil can also be used as a detergent. Ideal for mature skin, applied daily, it visibly and quickly improves the state of hydration and elasticity. Vitamin A stimulates collagen production while vitamin E helps neutralize free radicals.


Starting from the nuts of this tree, a buttery substance is obtained which, due to its organic characteristics, reveals emollient, nourishing and moisturizing properties such as to make it an excellent natural and cosmetic for 360-degree skin care. Accurate studies have confirmed that, in addition to protecting the skin from solar radiation, it can be used as a cosmetic for the prevention of wrinkles and to keep the skin young. Its composition is characterized by unsaturated fatty acids, saturated fatty acids and a very high content of unsaponifiable substances, responsible for providing a nourishing and protective booster to the skin, even the most sensitive ones, including those of infants and the elderly. t19>