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The Natural choice for your skin.

Fruttonero is the perfect union of beauty and nature.
Our commitment is to constantly create a perfect symbiosis with nature in order to Enhance it e Respect it.

Enhance it

Our mission is to create cosmetics from exclusively natural raw materials, whose valuable soothing, moisturizing and emollient properties enable highly effective results. Production techniques are such that we create cosmetics that maintain the utmost attention to the preservation of product purity.

Respect it

Fruttonero pays close attention to the influence that its activities can have on the well-being and economic, social and environmental development of the communities in which it operates. Raw materials are carefully selected, sustainably grown, and guaranteed to have a low environmental impact.

Direct control over the production and supply chain in the countries where the fruits are obtained and processed allows us to guarantee the highest quality and purity of the product.

AIAB Certification
Made in Italy Certification
Vegan Quality Certification


Who we are

Fruttonero Natural Cosmetics was born in Senigallia, in the province of Ancona, from the ambitious idea of a young team who, having found themselves on African soil, learned of certain natural extracts, used as cosmetic, medicinal or as food ingredients by the local population.

Oils extracted by hand since ancient times, butters and ointments with valuable soothing, emollient, moisturizing, regenerating and healing properties.

From there came the desire to create a Natural and Sustainable cosmetics line based on pure raw materials and with the priority of safeguarding and enhancing the environment and people, in order to enable women and men of every generation to take care of their bodies and hair with total naturalness and purity.

The Fruttonero brand is registered in the National Register of 100% Made in Italy Italian Manufacturers.

Fruttonero stands for respect, value and quality.

Fruttonero, close to your skin.

Natural Origin & Sustainability

Argan oil drop
Argan oil is a natural oil rich in beneficial properties, produced from the fruit of the Argan tree. Its plant grows exclusively in the Sous plain, the southwestern area of Morocco. To ensure the highest quality, cold pressing is carried out near the point of harvest, and bottled as soon as possible to keep all its beneficial properties intact.

Argan Oil

Camellia oil drop
Camellia is a genus belonging to the Theaceae family. The variety from which our oil is extracted is Camellia Oleifera, which has always been used for its properties in both cosmetics and food. The oil is cold-pressed from the pressing of its seeds.

Camellia Oil

Drop coconut oil
Called the tree of life, the Coconut is one of the richest products found in nature, usable from roots to leaves and of course the fruit. Typical of warm countries, the Coconut palm belongs to the Arecaceae or Palmaceae family and is mainly distributed along the coasts, which, thanks to the influence of the sea, sun, sandy soil and rainfall throughout the year, provide the plant with the right nourishment to give rise to sublime quality oil.

Coconut Oil

Andiroba oil drop
Typical of the rainforest, it grows in the Amazon, generally on rich soils, in marshes, floodplains, swamps, and plateaus. It can grow wild or cultivated, in Brazil, on islands such as Tocantins and Rio Solimoes, and near the coast. Andiroba is one of our richest oils with beneficial properties for your skin.

Andiroba Oil

Hemp oil drop
Cannabis Sativa, a species of the genus Cannabis, belongs to the Cannabaceae family, an annual herbaceous plant native to south-central Asia. For centuries this plant has played an important economic and social role: the raw material obtained from it, Hemp, has been used since ancient times to make textiles, but in our case it gives rise to an oil that helps combat excessive sebum on the skin.

Hemp Oil

Argan oil drop
The process of making Shea Butter is done strictly in an artisanal manner, paying great attention to quality control. This plant rich in skin-healthy properties grows only from South-Saharan Africa to central Africa. Pure Shea Butter has a solid consistency, color ranging from white to ivory, yellow to greenish, and a distinctive smell.It is processed directly in Africa to bring you the best quality.

Shea Butter

Selected raw materials, fruits, nuts and seeds, from different continents, are grown sustainably and with guaranteed low environmental impact, processed by skilled hands, with techniques handed down from generation to generation.

Processing is based on mechanical extraction processes that can preserve all the natural active ingredients and preserve them in the final product, following the logic of sustainability and low environmental impact.

Deliberately chemical extraction methods that can leave toxic and harmful residues in the final product and the environment were discarded a priori.

Fruttonero products are certified by authorized body as Organic, Natural and Vegan cosmetics. The choice of packaging also looks at sustainability. Fruttonero uses ecological and recycled materials, a testament to the respect for the environment to which we have always paid special attention.

Natural origin background
Maria Grazia Balducci Rossi Foundation Logo

La "Maria Grazia Balducci Rossi Foundation for the Needy" Onlus is a nonprofit foundation with humanitarian purposes. Its goal is to care for, educate and support children, women and the dependent elderly.

The spirit guiding the Foundation departs strongly from the spirit of welfare, in the belief that the development of the individual and, therefore, of society depend on opportunities for individuals to be able to evolve and grow.

The foundation works actively in Côte d'Ivoire supporting the Yakassé-Feyassé community and in Italy through various socially oriented projects.

With every Fruttonero purchase you help support the "Maria Grazia Balducci Rossi Foundation for the Needy" Onlus.

"Helping means sharing one's resources with those who lack them, but only those resources that can enable the other person to create his or her own autonomy, a progressive independence even from those who helped him or her.

T. Rossi
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Photo foundation 2
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