Called the tree of life, coconut is one of the richest products found in nature, which can be used from roots to leaves and obviously the fruit. Typical of warm countries, the coconut palm belongs to the Arecaceae or Palmaceae family, generally distributed along the coasts, enjoying the positive influence of the sea, sandy soil, light and rain regularly distributed throughout the year. t4>

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Coconut and derived products play an important economic role in the countries of Southeast Asia, in the tropical regions of Latin America and East Africa. Widely used for food purposes, the use of virgin coconut oil abruptly decreased in the 20th century as the disproportionate consumption of saturated fatty acids in food led to an exponential growth of coronary heart disease.
Today, just like in past centuries, virgin coconut oil, as well as being re-evaluated from a food point of view, is widely used for its important cosmetic properties. Virgin oil is obtained by cold pressing the fresh walnut, thus preserving the characteristic scent of coconut milk, unlike pure coconut oil in which it is necessary to dry the fruit before proceeding to mechanical pressing, penalizing odor and color. .


Fructonero virgin coconut oil, with INCI Cocos Nucifera Oil, is extracted from the pulp of coconuts, by cold pressing, without the use of additives, solvents and refining processes, to obtain a high quality product and safeguarding its active ingredients.

Virgin coconut oil has a fluid consistency and a transparent color in the liquid state, which tends to solidify and turn white, at a temperature between 18 and 20 ° C.

Its composition is characterized by the high presence of vitamins, such as vitamin A and vitamin C which give hydration and elasticity to the epidermis, reducing dryness, and antioxidant substances . Source of vitamin E , a natural antioxidant, coconut oil limits the negative consequences deriving from oxidative stress. The presence of lauric acid also gives the oil important properties for hair care and well-being.

Elasticizing: makes the superficial layers of the epidermis more elastic

Moisturizing: restores softness and hydration to the skin
Toning: keeps the cell membrane fluid

Protective: protects skin and hair from atmospheric agents, especially after long exposure to sun and salt

Olio di cocco


To hydrate and tone the skin of the body, apply the oil immediately after bathing / shower on still damp skin. Massage and let it absorb. It is also ideal as an aftersun.

It is an excellent make-up remover, suitable for removing make-up in a natural way. more resistant. Apply the oil on a cotton pad and gently remove the make-up. Remove traces of oil with a cotton swab dipped in warm water

To protect the hair from the aggression of atmospheric agents (sun, wind , sea and swimming pool water, smog, etc) distribute the oil over the entire length of the hair. Then wash with a normal shampoo, the hair will be soft and hydrated.

Pure or in blend
Virgin coconut oil can be used as a pure product or mixed with other butter oils o creams For example, it can be mixed with face cream and obtain an elasticizing effect.

Note : depending on the external temperature, changes may occur in the product partial or total status, due to the external temperature, It will be sufficient to shake or heat the product before use, dipping the bottle in a little hot water or subjecting it to the hot air jet of the hairdryer, making it homogeneous again.

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