Camellia oil is a natural oil extracted from Camellia Olifera, an Asian plant of the Theaceae family.

From this plant derives a light, fluid, almost odorless oil with a straw yellow color, rich in oleic acid and antioxidants, precious for skin and hair care.

Penetrates easily, does not grease and does not leave: it is particularly suitable for nourishing and moisturizing all skin types, it is ideal for the care of fragile hair, scalp and for eliminating dandruff.

Legend has it that it was the secret to the eternal youth of the geishas.

Camellia oil has been known and appreciated since ancient times as a natural remedy for beauty and eternal youth and for this reason it is still included by many today in their beauty routine, both for the face and for the hair . So here are the benefits of camellia oil and why it is advisable to include it in your daily beauty routine.


The oil obtained from the seeds of Camellia sinensis or Camellia oleifera after cold pressing is composed of:

- 85% oleic acid,

-vitamin A,

-vitamin B,

-vitamin E,

-squalane and polyphenols.

Oleic acid and omega fatty acids give it moisturizing and emollient properties, which improve the quality of the skin, stimulating its antioxidant functions. In addition, its composition guarantees high skin penetrability and rapid absorption without leaving halos.

The high concentration of vitamin A, rich in retinol, stimulates the production of collagen while the high quantity of vitamin E, rich in tocopherol, cancels the action of free radicals and blocks the events that determine stress cell oxidative.

Advice for use for the skin

How to use pure camellia oil on a daily basis?

The use of this oil can be integrated into the daily routine of cleansing the skin and moisturizing the face.

As a make-up remover, in fact, just use oil in the make-up remover discs for daily cleansing even on sensitive skin. Cleansers that contain camellia oil can be

used to effectively remove foundation and eyeliner from the face even in the presence of small skin imperfections such as acne and impure skin.

As an anti-aging: can be applied to the face and neck with small circular massages. It also helps to counteract and prevent signs of aging such as skin spots.

As a massage oil: also performs very well because it has two characteristics: its fluidity and the unique sensation it leaves on the skin.

To combat small skin imperfections such as acne, seborrheic dermatitis and eczema, it is recommended to use it mixed with other oils such as argan oil or jojoba oil.

To reduce signs of stretch marks and scars, superficial marks or to give tone , it is recommended to use it combined with sweet almond oil or macadamia oil.

Uses of camellia oil for hair

Japanese women have traditionally known the healing and polishing power also against the hair: it deeply nourishes dry ends and gives softness and silkiness to dull, brittle and dull hair, which is why it is an excellent nourishing treatment, above all for those with long hair

Even those with dandruff can benefit from even just using a few drops of product, massaging the skin before or during shampooing.

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