In extreme conditions, such as cold and arid climate, natural oils are a valid alternative to nourishing creams, as they heal the skin faster. The reason? They absorb quickly, carrying out a double action: on the one hand they provide nutrients that make the skin more beautiful, on the other they create a light film on the skin, preventing excessive loss of water from the deep layers towards the outside.

If you think that a face oil can make your skin oily, you will have to change your mind: the lipids contained in vegetable oils are very similar to the sebum of our epidermis, thus managing to blend perfectly with it. In addition, the oil is very pleasant to spread. It immediately transmits a feeling of comfort and leaves the skin soft and velvety . In addition, it gives brightness, ideal if the complexion is dull or if you look tired.

Another widespread fear is that oil dries the skin, especially the body. To remedy this problem, always apply it on slightly damp skin, as if you just got out of the shower. In this way, the water molecules will act as "vectors" to better convey the oil, improving its absorption by the skin.

Why are oils good for face and body skin?

The natural oils used in cosmetics are rich in essential fatty acids. In this way they reconstruct the hydrolipidic mantle, that sort of natural film that covers the skin which is made up of 95% fats. In winter, the barrier of our skin is severely tested by the cold and by particularly insidious atmospheric agents: low temperatures, smog, dry or too humid climate, and even stress. In summary, the oils nourish intensely and maintain stable levels of skin hydration .

Some oils, like that of argan, are rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which strengthen the skin barrier and protect it from external aggressions. The result? A more elastic skin that does not dehydrate and always remains radiant.

How to apply oil on face and body

Like a real elixir, the oil should be sipped. And so it lasts a long time. 4 or 5 drops are enough, to be applied on the points where the skin is driest, "pulling" it towards the other areas. Also massage it on the neck with movements from the bottom upwards.

How to insert the oil in the b eauty routine ? You can use it instead of the serum, as the first step of care, after the usual facial cleansing and before the treatment cream. Or, if the skin is not particularly dry, it can also be used on its own, especially as a night care .

For a greater regenerating effect, you can apply the oil by scaling a few drops of product between the palms of your hands. In this way you will “activate” the texture before applying it on the face. Always make movements from the inside to the outside, finally, leave the cupped hands resting on the face for a few seconds.

How to choose face or body oil

Natural oils are truly a passepartout. As we have seen, they can be used alone, under the cream if you need an extra nourishing treatment, or even mixed with a moisturizer, especially when you feel that the skin is pulling more than usual. They are also ideal for facilitating a quick self-massage to the face. On the body, on the other hand, the oils are perfect for speeding up treatments after a shower, when the skin is still damp.

Fruttonero offers several 100% pure natural oils for face and body to meet various skin needs, but also hair, as they are very versatile.

Coconut oil , rich in vitamins A, C and E makes the skin supple and soft, protecting it from oxidative stress Suitable for normal skin, not particularly dry.

Andiroba oil is produced from the seeds of Carapa Guaianensis, a tree belonging to the Meliaceae family. Thanks to its molecules based on fruit acids, they perform a smoothing action and stimulate cell turnover. Ideal for regenerating the skin.

Camellia oil has a high presence of polyphenols and natural antioxidants that help prevent the formation of spots. The presence of Vitamin A stimulates the formation of glues. Ideal as an anti-aging.

Hemp oil , free of psychoactive substances, is rich in B vitamins such as B1, B2 and B6 essential in the functioning of the skin, vitamin E (tocopherol) necessary to neutralize the reactivity of free radicals. Ideal for strengthening the skin.

Argan oil is rich in tocopherols, flavonoids, xanthophylls, carotenoids, vitamins and natural antioxidants, necessary to counteract the factors that cause skin aging. Particularly suitable for mature skin, thanks to its constituents, it visibly and quickly improves the state of hydration and elasticity.

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