A company that makes sustainability the pivot of its production cycle, often extends its belief also in the social sphere. Being sustainable means making products respecting the environment, but also making sure that the living conditions of the populations from which the raw materials come from are good. This is the case of Fruttonero , which pays great attention to the well-being and economic development of the communities in which it operates, Africa.

The cosmetics company of Senigallia goes further, as it concretely supports the Maria Grazia Balducci Rossi Foundation which has been operating in the Ivory Coast since 2008, taking care of the health of the local population, as well as of education , care for the elderly and training for the world of work.

The commitment of the Maria Grazia Bucci Foundation

One of the projects supported by Fruttonero and curated by the Balducci Rossi Foundation is “ Safe Maternity ”, implemented in the Ivorese village of Yakassé-Feyassé. It is a real health center that solves all problems related to pregnancy , throughout the gestational process. Specialist visits, ultrasound scans, vaccinations, sexually transmitted diseases prophylaxis, childbirth assistance: these are just some of the services offered by the welfare center of the Balducci Rossi Foundation. In over 10 years of activity, the precious health center with a Marche soul has contributed to greatly improve the conditions of mothers (we are talking about 70 births per month), so much so that it has become a reference point for nearby villages . In fact, from being a specialized center in the "mother & child" world, the health center supported by Fruttonero has been transformed into a 360 ° outpatient clinic: the sick in need of treatment have an analysis laboratory, medicines , rooms. There is no shortage of home assistance services and education for vaccination and proper nutrition. An example? The cooking classes that literally teach how to prepare healthy foods that avoid nutritional deficiencies, very frequent in Africa.

Fruttonero's sustainability: a broader corporate value

The intent of the Balducci Rossi Foundation is in fact to make the populations autonomous , rather than offering help only in the sense of assistance, which is basically a passive form of help. If people are enabled to stay healthy not only thanks to assistance, but also thanks to learning about health rules, they are much more likely to evolve independently. And this is precisely one of the cornerstones of the concept of sustainability on which ethical companies such as Fruttonero are founded: ensuring that populations enjoy such well-being that allows them to grow and know how to build their own resources.

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