Thanks to the innovative plant extracts, it acts on wrinkles and skin sagging, strengthening the natural barrier against external agents

A good anti-aging cream, in addition to moisturizing the skin, must make it more toned and compact. In this sense, one of the most important actions of a cosmetic is the stimulation of new collagen by the dermis. The reason? Collagen is the protein most present in the deep skin layers, responsible for the elasticity of the skin so that the tissues are "anchored" to the face. We can therefore define collagen as the anti-sagging substance that allows the facial features to remain in place.

Too bad that over time the amount of collagen tends to decrease for physiological reasons. Fortunately, there are some active ingredients that favor the synthesis of new collagen fibers. This is the case of the epigenetic complex based on maltodextrin and marjoram extract contained in the new Fruttonero face cream: its activity stimulates the fibroblasts of the dermis to produce new collagen. The result is an elastic and firm skin.

The anti-aging action of the face cream is more complete if it also has the ability to inhibit the degradation of collagen fibers . To understand its importance, we specify that over time the collagen, in addition to reducing in quantity, is damaged in quality, becoming thinner and less resistant. The skin thus loses its firmness and tends to give way. The pomegranate extract , which is rich in the new Fruttonero face cream, prevents the skin's collagen fibers from deteriorating, to the benefit of skin tone.

We talked about skin sagging, but let's not forget, of course, wrinkles and expression lines. They contrast with moisturizing active ingredients that draw water to the tissues, giving a tensor effect. A peculiarity of the plant extracts of African kigelia and quillaia saponaria which, by filling the skin furrows, relax the skin.

Finally, a good defense system completes the anti-aging activity of the face cream. The skin can best perform its deep regeneration (synthesis of new collagen) if it is protected from pollution. The extract of seaweed undaria pinnatifida helps strengthen the defense capacity inherent in the skin itself, thus helping it to remain healthy and vital.

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