All day running, a thousand messages to answer, those phone calls you just can't put off ... STOP! It takes a break, a moment all to yourself, in the company of beauty product last minute to give a boost to skin and hair. Here are the single-dose cosmetics , which today are increasingly environmentally friendly.

Just give yourself a little respite to have a hydrated skin , indeed super hydrated, and a soft and luminous hair , for example before or after a special evening that requires a little more "make-up and hair".

How to do it, then? Have you ever thought about using single-dose cosmetics ? The advantages are many! Let's see them one by one.

Single-dose cosmetics

To be in perfect shape last minute on festive occasions, our first suggestion is to give a surplus of hydration to the skin and hair . In addition to your usual moisturizer, add a moisturizing face mask to your beauty routine that instantly smoothes the skin and gives brightness. You will get an excellent base on which to make your make-up, especially if you decide to opt for heavy and waterproof make-up. The reason? A hydrated skin is naturally smoother, which allows the best smoothness of any makeup. And then it ensures greater sealing and durability, also in terms of appearance. Translated: the make-up does not melt, does not create unsightly cuticles and remains perfect for hours.

Super hydration for the face

Our face mask in Fruttonero fabric deeply hydrates thanks to the high content of hyaluronic acid. The mix of oils, including rice, macadamia and grape seed oil, makes the skin supple and compact, smoothing expression lines. The ingredients are all from organic farming , and the pack is recycled and recyclable.

The practicality of the tissue mask consists in the fact that it is in single-dose packaging . This solves all the issues related to doubts about the quantities to be applied and the waste of cosmetics forgotten in the beauty case. The fabric is made of cellulose , that is, it is biodegradable and can be disposed of in the organic waste. All this makes the Fruttonero anti-aging face mask a eco-sustainable product .

Soft and disciplined hair

As for the hair , if treatments and stress have made them frizzy and stringy, a shock treatment is urgently needed such as the disciplining disposable hair mask by Fruttonero . It is also ideal before hairstyles, because it facilitates styling and keeps the infamous frizz at bay. How to use? After shampooing it is applied to the hair and left on for 15 minutes, using the packet sachet as a cap. A smart idea with an eco-sustainable soul, since the pack itself is recyclable, it is recycled even before being thrown away, precisely because it is destined for another use. Goodbye disposable plastic shower caps for your hair mask!

Covering the hair with the package of Fruttonero's disposable detangling mask helps to better penetrate the active ingredients into the hair shaft, which will be smooth as silk. The softening ingredients, all organic, are coconut oil and oat extract, with a high moisturizing power. In addition, the gluconolactone, obtained from the fermentation of vegetable sources, deeply nourishes with an anti-frizz effect.

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