What is natural cosmetics? In summary, it is a type of skin and hair products based on plant extracts , processed according to environmentally friendly methods. Within the large family of natural cosmetics, there are further distinctions between organic cosmetics, vegan cosmetics and cruelty free , all requirements to which Fruttonero products respond in an excellent way thanks to the use of raw materials also 100% certified by AIAB (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture) and vegan quality. The vegetable oils and butters , for example, are extracted by hand using ancient techniques that are handed down from generation to generation in the countries of origin. But let's go in order.

Organic natural cosmetics: what is

organic cosmetic is defined as a product that contains plant ingredients from organic farming. But this is not enough: to be sure you are using a organic cosmetic , it is good to check the certification. It is a stamp placed on the packaging that certifies the fact that the raw materials come from organic farming. The products for skin and hair Fruttonero are certified by ICEA, a consortium that checks that the production chain is conducted in respect of mankind and the environment, protecting the dignity of workers and the rights of consumers.

Sustainability, a key principle of organic cosmetics

By virtue of the attention to ethics, another chapter of natural cosmetics opens, that is sustainability: the whole "life cycle" of a organic cosmetic is low environmental impact, from birth to its consumption. First of all it is produced through processes that respect nature , and then they have a recycled and recyclable packaging.
The vegetable ingredients of Fruttonero products follow mechanical extraction processes capable of preserving all the natural active ingredients and keeping them in the final cosmetic. All chemical extraction methods that can leave toxic and harmful residues are excluded.

Natural cosmetics: how to understand it?

How to understand that a cosmetic is natural? Through the INCI ( International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients ), i.e. the international nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients, mandatory by law at European level.
All natural ingredients are described with the scientific name in Latin and with the English wording in brackets: for example Citrus medica limonum (Lemon) Peel Oil indicates the essential oil of Lemon as well as most popular vegetable oils are easily recognizable especially from the English name for example Jojoba Oil .

Vegan and cruelty free cosmetic

What does vegan and cruelty free cosmetics mean instead? Its key feature is that does not contain naturally derived ingredients , such as: milk, honey, beeswax, propolis, insect or crustacean shells. It is another way to respect the Planet with a capital P, a principle that Fruttonero strongly believes in, since it uses only plant ingredients . A few examples? Macademia oil contained in the anti-frizz detangling conditioner of the Hair Line; the plant extracts of Kigelia africana, Quillaia Saponaria and Argan from the Anti Age Line, and the pure oils from the Pure Line (argan, camellia, hemp), just to name a few.

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