Take advantage of the holidays to transform your home into a SPA . In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the home made beauty rituals are also good for the soul because they restore the spirit and empty the mind. And then there is no need to get who knows what spa kit to create an oasis of well-being at home. With a little imagination, you can give a more cocoon imprint to the traditional beauty routine. Just carve out a day for yourself and take advantage of all the potential of usual cosmetics, from the root of the hair to the tip of the toes. Not sure where to start? We'll give you some ideas!

Hot bath instead of shower

As normal as it is banal: does spending 20 minutes in the tub seem like a mirage during the year? At least one morning during the Christmas season, you can change your habit. Fill the tub with hot, but not boiling water, in which, instead of the usual shower gel, dissolve a few drops of natural oil with emollient properties. Thus the skin will be soft and silky. The SPA idea for cleansing? The solid soap , but not to be passed all over the body, as you would spontaneously, but to grate in the tub. Yes, you got it right: get a kitchen grater and "scratch" the solid soap on the side where the holes are wider. The flakes obtained will make the water a pleasantly scented and cleansing oasis of well-being.

In the Fruttonero range we suggest the pure argan oil rich in Vitamin E and a scented soap of your choice among the bergamot (for dry skin), with lavender (for combination skin) and with verbena ( for delicate skin).

Pre-shampoo pack with vegetable oil

Accustomed as we are to always keeping ourselves busy, the time spent in the pool can seem "wasted" (even if the time to rest is essential for your well-being). Well, optimize the fateful 20 minutes of soaking with a pre-shampoo pack. How you do it? Dampen your hair and apply 5 to 10 drops of pure vegetable oil, distributing the product well over the lengths. The quantity varies from the thickness of the stem and also from the length of the crown. Wrap your head in a plastic cap and enjoy the warmth created by the water vapor in the bathroom.

In the Fruttonero range we suggest coconut oil , with silky and nourishing properties that help replenish the hair fiber. You can choose it in pure version, that is without perfume, or scented.

Scrub for scalp

Speaking of hair, is your gripe the skin? If you have irritation, seborrhea or flaking, what you need is a strong cleansing that thoroughly purifies and relieves any itchy sensations. The ideal is to use a purifying scrub with lemon and menthol extracts, with a sebum-balancing action. It is massaged after shampooing with rotating movements without pressing or rubbing too much. The microgranules, rich in active principle, are sufficient to detoxify the skin. Leave it on for 5 minutes and proceed with the conditioner only on the lengths. Right from rinsing and before styling, you will notice the difference: fresher, soothed and above all purified skin.

Operation smooth rough areas of the body

Once out of the bathtub, the almost automatic ritual is to smear your body with moisturizing cream.What if during your SPA day at home you dedicate yourself to those rough areas that you don't have time to treat during the year? Often, even those who do not have particularly dry skin, on elbows and knees have roughness due to thickening of keratin (the most superficial stratum corneum) Sometimes even the upper part of the thighs and arms can be more rough than usual. In this case, the classic moisturizer for the body is not enough: you need a concentrated butter that smoothes and smooths those rough edges that are difficult to soften. And then you don't want to show off your party clothes with rough skin? Our suggestion is Shea Butter , 100% pure, with an emollient and restorative action. It comes in solid form, so it should be warmed in your hands and applied to the areas that need more nourishment.

Anti-cellulite massage with ad hoc oils

In winter, let's be honest, how many of us are involved in cellulite treatments? A good occasion can therefore be your SPA day at home, in which you can dedicate yourself to anti-cellulite massages . Indeed, if you get carried away, you can replicate them every day of celebration, banquet days excluded. To start, you need a specific oil with a draining action. We suggest Andiroba oil which favors the microcirculation of subcutaneous tissues and removes stagnant liquids. You can choose it in version with or without perfume.

The right moves for a DIY anti-cellulite massage? You can perform the kneading technique : with your fingers, grab, squeeze and pinch the area affected by cellulite. In this way, you will facilitate the flow of blood to the surface. In larger areas, such as hips and thighs, knead with your hands open.

Another do-it-yourself anti-cellulite massage technique involves tapping the skin working with the fist and knuckles in order to create localized pressure and a circular motion on the skin. In the meantime, the oil will have absorbed and you will be free to dress and feel agile like a butterfly.

Enjoy your relax!.

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